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About me

Hi, I’m Jarnie and I paint realistic, detailed, and vibrant botanical watercolours. I’ve been a teacher, a graphic designer, and received a formal training in Architecture. The work I do now as a botanical artist combines my love of structure and detail, with precision and realism at its heart. My passion for painting lies in vivid colour, and capturing beautiful, but not always perfect flowers and plants.

Having being a qualified and respected teacher and educator since 2001, my passion lies in introducing others to the colourful world of botanical painting. Through Jarnie’s ArtRoom, my online tutorial school, I help students gain confidence, and develop their skills to create the paintings they want, and to inspire them to love what they do.

Why not join us?

Watch the video to find out how I made the leap from the classroom to the studio, and what inspires me to love painting botanical watercolours. You can also visit My Portfolio to see more of my work. And if you have a project in mind that you would like to work with me on, let’s have a chat

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About my work

I’m always really excited to have my work on display, and love to take part in exhibitions here in the UK and internationally. I am also asked to work on some really exciting projects too, from tutorials in magazines to commissions and collaborations. Here’s just a few

Selected Exhibitions


Featured Publications

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