archive revival

January is not only my birthday month (I’ll spare you the childhood misery of having a birthday in January) it’s also the anniversary of the new makeover to the tutorials.

Starting with a study of a Snowdrop, (and you may have also seen the tulip shown above) I decided to take a bit of a risk with changing the way I film my tutorial videos. Now, I don’t have a flashy professional studio with camera people on hand to make sure all is perfect. It’s just me, in my home, filming away. And that’s what gave me the idea. Film it all live ‘as it happens’. And so I did.

But what about all of the older style tutorials. These are the longer projects, filmed in stages, edited for timing and given a voiceover. These tutorials also take a bit more time to do, whereas the new ones are all one day or weekend projects. That said, they are still really popular, and so I created my archive.

The archive projects are now being refreshed and updated for the website, with a few already available as voted for by my lovely students. Now, I’m having a bit of a springtime edit with new tutorials being added to the archive. Look out on my Instagram page for updates on the #archiverevival

The first one will be the epic Camellia flower and leaf. It’s a stunning flower to paint, and if you’re not confident to paint the whole composition, it’s been designed so that you can just do the flower and it will still look amazing. Look out for it soon.

In the meantime, why not take a look at the Technique Video where I show you the painting of the flower. This video from my channel even has the original titles, just to give away how long ago it was made. You can also follow this link to watch the Camellia Leaf video