Beat the Block

Beating the dreaded painters block

is a complex and troubling time. You know how it goes. You desperately want to paint, you know how to paint, you even have all the stuff ready to go, but you just can’t do it.

So many times over the years this has happened to me too. I can’t face going into the studio and picking up a brush. And that massive void of white paper staring back at me feels more like the enemy than my friend. I make excuses, procrastinate, find other things to do. Convince myself that everything else is so much more important. The painting never gets started.

Well, stop right there. It doesn’t have to be this way. When I started my blog many years ago, I wrote a blog post on beating the dreaded block, and it was so popular I decided to create a video. And here it is. With exactly the same advice that I had been given to get over that excuse ridden hill. I hope it helps you to keep those motivation levels up, to stop giving yourself too much pressure, and to just be gentle with yourself.