Do What you Love

I recently saw an interview with a 77 year old ballerina…

I know, I couldn’t quite believe it either, but there she was en pointe, and loving every minute. Madame Suzelle Poole is an extraordinary lady who has the most incredible attitude and outlook on life. With 7 decades of experience she’s now passing all of her knowledge and wisdom onto the young dancers in her charge. I know that if she had been my ballet instructor, I’d probably stuck at it. Although perhaps not half as long as her.

Her positive mindset is one of don’t wait. If there is something you have always wanted to do, do it now. Don’t wait for the perfect time to come along, it never does and you’ll always look back with regret.

I find people like Madame Poole an inspiration, and keeping a positive mental attitude is something I try to live by now. It’s not always easy to follow one’s dreams, and keep positive, but once you do you never look back. One day, or day one…

Watch the video from the BBC’s Amazing Humans series