Happy New Year


With 2020 now very firmly behind us, we can at last look forward to sweeping away the cobwebs, and getting started on a fresh year ahead.

Last year was certainly a challenge in so many ways, but it also heralded a great surge of creativity and togetherness. Many of us moved online to support each other, and I found the #artistsupportpledge one of the motivating forces to keep our art alive.

For 2020 I also moved a little bit of love onto Patreon. With the months of lockdown, many losing jobs, and not being able to see friends and relatives hitting us all hard, I decided to give a little bit back. It was something new for me but I’ve really enjoyed putting the little bundles together, so I’ll be keeping it going into 2021.

For the new year I am already buzzing with ideas for new paintings and projects, and can’t wait to share these with you over the coming months. To start us off though I am taking a bit of a look back at one of my all time favourite tutorials. This one was a festive project, but it’s also a good one to start off the new year. With it’s zing of zesty brightness and all that glorious shine, the orange is now on my YouTube Channel, and you can watch it here…