Here are some tips to help with common issues

Logging in

To login to the website, all you need is your email that you used at signup, and the password sent to you in your welcome email. If you have forgotten your password, request a password reset from the login page.

I can’t view the tutorials?

Okay this can happen, have you tried to login using another device such as a phone? If you can login on a different device it’s going to be a Cookies and Cache problem. Cookie is used to store information to track different characteristics related to a user, while cache is used to make the loading of web pages faster. Cookies stores information such as user preferences, while cache will keep resource files such as audio, video or flash files

You will need to clear the cookies and cache from your search history on your device. Then try to login again. If this doesn’t do the trick, there’s one more thing to try. Try a different web browser. Some web browsers run slow, or can get glitchy. As an alternative try using Firefox.

My Subscription Hasn’t Renewed?

Your subscription is renewed automatically using the Credit / Debit card you signed up with. The most common issue that prevents an automatic renewal is an expired card. Check that all of your details are up to date in you My Account page.

Unfortunately, we can’t control problems arising at third party websites. If it’s a problem that is out of our control, we will do everything we can, and keep you informed every step of the way.

The videos stop & start

All of the HD videos are streamed through our third party streaming partner, and all videos are optimised to run on high speed broadband internet connections. If you find that HD videos run smoothly in the mornings, but struggle later in the day, it’s going to be a speed issue. This is called buffering and is due to the increased level of traffic on the internet. You do need to make sure that you have a high speed or superfast broadband speed connection to allow the videos to continue to run smoothly.

I haven’t received a confirmation email for my subscription

Once you set up your membership subscription with us make sure you check your spam and junk folders for the Jarnie Godwin Art emails. Set your email to ensure all of our mail comes straight to your inbox.

If you are experiencing further technical problems with the website, or with the running of the tutorials, and the above helps doesn’t solve it, get in touch via the Contact page.

Please note our office hours are Mon – Fri 0900 – 1700 UK time.

We aim to answer all email within 2 working days.