Insta Live

Last Monday I did my first Insta Live video since last year. Remember that one? It was a little tour around my series of Echinacea paintings. I spent all of the video sitting on the carpet, shuffling along the line! It was so much fun to do, but I didn’t really know what to do after that. Now I do

Monday Motivation

Monday’s will now be my Insta Live day. Join me at 1pm UK time for Q & A, tips and inspiration, motivation, ideas and everything in between. It’s been lovely to connect with students, viewers and followers. The feedback on the first one has been really amazing too.

Every week I will pick one theme on botanical watercolour practice. This could be composition, painting leaves, mixing colour, choosing subjects, equipment or something to inspire you to pick up your brush. Whatever it is I will share with you loads of tips, using examples of my own work and ideas on exercises to try. I can’t wait.

Set the date in your diary, grab and cuppa and join me. Monday 1pm (UK) for some chat, fun, loads of ideas and some #mondaymotivation

Watch the Videos

Take a trip down memory lane back to those heady first lockdown days. Me on the carpet, with my Echinacea paintings. Click the link below


And if you’d like to watch my 20 minute Q&A (or As to Qs) from last Monday Click the link below


See you on Monday