Reflect, Review, Renewal

Jarnie Godwin Art Ttutorials

In the next month you will see some big changes here on the website. You may have already noticed a few already. Circumstances change, and these can often act as a catalyst for enormous shifts in focus. This is what has happened for me in the last few months, and this is where it’s leading me.

For many years I have been mostly in a teaching role. Being in the privileged position of educating and getting the best out of students, both child and adult is never one to take lightly, but it can also be the greatest joy. The knowledge you pass on can often last a lifetime, and that is a legacy to be proud of.

From June 30th, there will be some big changes to the focus of my work. The ArtRoom school, which has been a big part of what I have been doing as an artist will close. Teaching was never intended to be 100% of what I do, and with exciting opportunities to expand into other areas, I have decided now is the time to take a year out from the online tutorials. The focus will move to new paintings, new challenges, bigger projects, opportunities, and the wellbeing of my family. Stay posted to the blog, Instagram and my Facebook Page for news as these exciting new directions develop.

‘She who dwells in shadow’
The title was much more than the painting alone.
Completing her provided a reflective and restorative process

The past year has been quite the rollercoaster and decisions like this are bittersweet. On the one side it offers an exciting opportunity to explore new directions, but on the other, it is goodbye to many students, some of whom have been with me for years, and have become friends. For new students just starting out, it’s a hard choice to say goodbye to them too. Well, maybe not goodbye, as I’m sure many will stay in touch!

Recognition allows a moment of reflection, and the potential for renewal. Progress is continuous and without it we cannot develop. We have to move forward, to ‘play the hand we are dealt’ as my dad often says. Well, if we can play that hand very well, sometimes our ace comes up!

Jarnie x