The Book What I Wrote!

Vibrant Botanical Painting by Jarnie Godwin

I have been incredibly quiet for quite a long time here, but for just over a year I have been working on something very special. It’s not so secret now as it’s nearly ready for release. But…

I wrote a book!

I know! It still hasn’t quite sunk in that something I have written is going to be out in the world very soon. The cover is to die for, with so much pink Barbie would be proud. I finally got my hands on an actual copy last week, and I was so excited, I couldn’t quite believe it was mine!

How did this all happen? I have asked myself the same question so many times, but…

…one day in September 2021 I was incredibly surprised and honoured to have been approached to write a book about my work, and my approach to botanical painting. It was just one of those things. An email out of the blue which took a bit of believing. But, after a lovely chat with the commissioning editor it all took off. From the outset, I wanted the book to not only be a treasure trove of beautiful images, but to be a hardworking, practical know-how handbook.

With much decision making, the idea of Vibrant Botanical Painting took shape and it really has been a labour of love. It’s everything I have ever learned, picked up, or grafted at as a botanical artist. From beginner to professional. A true zero to hero story! (In September 2021 I was also awarded a Silver-Gilt medal from the RHS). It’s all there! And all written in my typical ‘if I can do it, anyone can’ style, (because that’s what I truly believe). It’s been a fabulous ride, and a great balm for troubled times. Vibrant was the brief, and vibrant is what they got!

With over 200 pages, nine full projects with step by step instruction, my own in practice tips throughout, motivation, and loads of dedicated chapters on colour and technique, all the nuts and bolts you’d expect from a practical handbook are there. It’s the sort of book I would like myself! At over 50,000 words and nearly 400 pictures there’s a lot to take in, and to enjoy. A feast for the visual and creative senses, with all of my favourite subjects taking centre stage, I hope it will be as much of a joy for you to own and read, as it was for me to produce.

See the latest sneaky peeks on my Instagram page for more details

One of my favourite projects from the book is this peony bud. I love painting buds, and this one had such an amazing shape, and incredible glowing colour.

Follow the full step by step project in ‘Vibrant Botanical Painting’

Vibrant Botanical Painting is out now in the UK.

Available from Amazon, and all good book shops

Are you ready? let’s paint!